Sold – 927 Ashworth Drive, Gastonia NC 28054 (Gaston County)

Welcome Home

This property has been sold however we have others just like it.  Please contact us if you would like more information on homes available or if you would like to talk with us about selling and marketing your home.

Windsor Gold is proud to present this lovely Townhome located in the Madison Green Community.


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Friday Funny – Waterfront Property – FSBO

RESignWindsor Gold Real Estate specializes in listing unique and water front properties.  This For Sale by Owner needs to add nautical coordinates and a dock for showings.


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Selling Your Home With St. Joseph

St JosephWhether it is luck, coincidence, or something supernatural, many home sellers continue to rely on the tradition of the St. Joseph statute for selling a home.  If you have never heard of the St. Joseph statue legend, I thought I would share it with you today.

The story goes that if you bury a small statue of St. Joseph – yes, that’s Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus – in your yard, you will sell your home more quickly.  Details also include that you bury the statue head down, facing the direction in which you want to move.  Some lucky sellers advise that you plant the statue near the “For Sale” sign so that it is easier to find when you have made the sale.  Then, place the statue in a place of honor, such as the mantel, in your new home.

Stephen J. Binz says in his book, St. Joseph, My Real Estate Agent, that he first thought the idea was a ridiculous superstition until he sold his home that had lingered on the market more than a year within a week after burying the statue.  “The distinction between superstition and devotion is created by the person doing it,” Binz admits. “In other words, if you simply bury St. Joseph and count on that to sell the house, then it’s superstition.  If you do it as an act of faith, then it’s devotion.”

No one seems to know exactly how the idea of burying a St. Joseph statue got started.  One theory is that an order of religious sisters in Europe during the Middle Ages buried a St. Joseph medal and prayed for the saint to help them acquire land for a convent.  Another story traces the practice to a Montreal brother in the late 19th century who buried St. Joseph medals in the land he wanted for a new oratory.  According to some historians, German carpenters buried St. Joseph statues in the foundations of houses they built.

In case you would like to give St. Joseph a try, several online companies will sell you your own St. Joseph statue for just a few dollars.

Whether you decide to give a St. Joseph statue a try or not, you will need the services of a real estate professional to effectively market and sell your home.  When you are ready to get the process started or if you would like to check out the market for a new home, please give me a call.  I will put my experience to work for you.  And no digging is required!

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Friday Funny – Real Life Situation


This may seem funny however this has actually happened to me.  I call it:

“Listing Remorse”

Keep House When you hire a Real Estate Professional it is our job to make your home the most desirable on the market.   When the Windsor Gold Real Estate team puts your home on the market it will look great.  Be sure you are ready to SELL!

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Friday Funny – Funny Real Estate Sign – FSBO

This FSBO (For Sale By Owner) decided to not take advantage of the expertise of a Real Estate professional.

Real Estate Sign

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1117 Huntsmoor Drive, Gastonia, NC 28054 (Gaston County)

Windsor Gold Real Estate is featuring this home located at 1117 Huntsmoor Drive, Gastonia, NC 28054.  This great 3 bedroom/2 bath home has been well maintained and is ready to move into. See details below.1117 Huntsmoor DriveFor more info on this property including floor plans you can go to:

Or view the video below:

Contact Us if you would like me to set up an appointment to view this home.

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717 Howards Creek Mill, Vale NC – Save the Mill

This 1890 gristmill has gone up for sale.  For the individual that is looking for that unique property you should take a close look at this one.  The property includes water rights.  Think of all the possible opportunities for renewable energy.  Check out the details below.

717 Howards Creek Mill

Water Rights_peFor more information on this unique property you can go to:

If you have a Unique property to sell or if you are in the market for one, Contact us here at Windsor Gold Real Estate where we specialize in Unique property.

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Sold – 128 Tanya Court, Gastonia, NC 28056 (Gaston County)

Have you been looking for a home located in a private setting that includes acreage?  128 Tanya Court, Gastonia, NC is a perfect fit.  Check out this new listing Windsor Gold is proud to present.128 Tanya Court


This property sold with multiple offers.  If you or someone you know has a home to sale please contact us so we can talk about a similar marketing plan.

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302 Old Post Road, Cherryville, NC 28021 (Gaston County)

Windsor Gold is Proud to Present our Latest Listing at 302 Old Post Road, Cherryville, NC 28021.

302 Old Post Road

Please enjoy this quick Video.  Set an appointment today to take a look.

For more information on this home.  Click Here——->>>>  301 Old Post Road

If you would like to View this property fill out the form below:


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We Market and Sell Haunted Properties

Hauntings 2

Marketing and Selling Haunted and Stigmatized Properties

There are six main categories for stigmatized properties. Each have unique and challenging obstacles to consider when putting these properties on the market. It usually takes a bit of research on my part before deciding the best way to market a property with one of the following stigmas. It is always an adventure and each have unique and interesting hurdles. Sometimes the stigma is not what you think.  Often times things that seem creepy offer great reward and the things you think would be cool end up a nightmare. The biggest issue that separates these are disclosure.

Six main stigma types;

One stigma often seen is the Criminal stigma. This is often the case when the property has been the sight of ongoing or high crime problems. Things like a drug house, gang headquarters, brothel or a know crack house. The fear of the potential buyer is that the outside public may not be aware of the change in ownership and return for various reasons. Most jurisdictions require full disclosure when it comes to this issue.

This next one is kind of similar to the above and may be one you don’t really consider a stigma but it is Debt stigma. This would be if the previous owner had made bad on some debts and now the debt collector continues to visit. Imagine the wrecker always parked in the driveway. How about visits from local law enforcement trying to serve past occupants and nasty notes on the door. The worst is the aggressive debt collector.

Often times a properties stigma is typed as a Minimal stigma because it is only known to a small group. These are usually handled on a case by case manner as to if the issue needs to be disclosed or not. An example of this would be if the locals have always known an area to be a bad neighborhood even though there is no statistics or cases to support it.

When I was growing up there was a house on the hill that was “said” to be haunted. This is a good example of Phenomena stigma. This is more the case when it is a property that the locals have knowledge of sightings or a haunting. Not all jurisdictions require disclosure for this sort of stigma.

It totally depends on the state you live in if a seller is required to reveal if a murder or suicide happened on the property. Some states have a period of time that has to pass before the Seller is released of this obligation. Some states have a rule of if you don’t ask we are not required to tell and then other say I’m not saying a word. This is the Murder/Suicide stigma.

The grand daddy of them all is the Public stigma. These always have to be disclosed no matter what state or jurisdiction you are in. A public stigma is when a wide population and any reasonable person should or would be expected to know. This would include properties like the actual Amityville Horror House or a property that used in a movie or TV. Sometimes the stigma is not because something horrible happened. Consider purchasing a property that everyone wants to get their picture made in the front of.

For the buyer who is unfazed by the history of a property there are some great deals to be had. Some folks even seek to find these types of homes for profit or for their own interesting reasons. I personally enjoy matching these two together. Contact us if you have a property you would like to possibly sale and believe it may be stigmatized. We have clients looking for these types of properties. Contact us if you have a need and would like to be added to our email blast for properties of this nature.

Yes! We list Stigmatized and Hunted Houses.

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